A Date Of A Lifetime

So I’m running late. I have an incredible date planned with an even more incredible individual.

Of course, I’m a slacker. Dinner is supposed to start at 7 pm. It’s already 6 pm, and the restaurant is about 20 minutes away.  But the optimistic procrastinator in me KNOWS I’m worth the wait. Besides, I’m almost done.

You don’t understand.

I showered for this. Not just that “scrub, scrub, brush, brush” routine. Oh no. I bought some oatmeal soap from Whole Foods or somewhere. The washcloth was spun from the finest camel hair, you can almost feel the sands of Egypt . . .

Ok, it was just a cloth. Made of cotton.

But the SMOOTHEST of cloth this side of Walmart.

I took my time. Applied the olive oil, to get that nice shine and glisten that illuminates my melanin OH so well.

Applied some cologne. Not too much. Just enough to strike a conversation.

Finding the right outfit was a bit difficult. After some deliberations, I put down the debonair James Bond and went for the Idris Elba for a more casual, but still classy look. White button up, fresh jeans, and white low tops . . . because I can.

The line-up was on point, my fade adding the right amount of style without looking like I was trying too hard.

Oh yeah. I knew I was fresh. I took one last look in the mirror and blessed it with that Kodak smile.


I definitely forgot to brush my teeth.  So, I hit up the toothpaste, followed by that Listerine Ultra Mint.

Looked back in the mirror. Yeah, I was fresh. The mirror thanked me, and I was on my way.

The car was cleaned out for the occasion. Sure, I was a little late, but not without reasons.

Masterpieces take work.

I pull up to the restaurant. A client had referred it. It was in a classy part of town, and if my reflection was speaking the truth, the area accented my cool very well.

I had made reservations, a few minutes late but . . . worth it.

I walk in. The place was nice. The music was soft, the decorum gentle and stylish. I walked up to the hostess and dazzled her with my presence. Her eyes sparkled at my swag.

Ok, it might have just been the lighting, but still.

“Do you have reservations?”

I paused for a second. Let her soak in this oatmeal scrubbed, ebony skin of mine before hitting her with the smile.

“Yes, Love, I do.”

“May I have your name please and how many you are expecting?”

I let the pause speak volumes before cocking my head. Just slightly though.

“Travis Bryant. Party of one.”

She looked surprised, almost as surprised as you do. Let me explain.

Dating is just being intentional about getting to know a person. We are so busy being incredible, productive adults, that we have to set aside time to make those who are special to us apart of our lives. Otherwise, the redundant rhythm that makes up our lives can become almost hypnotic. You have to be intentional about taking time out to spend time with those around you.  But it’s all in vain if you are not first taking time to spend with yourself. You are changing. Experiences are evolving you subtly. So much so, that by the time you do realize you how you have changed, it seems the changes are sudden and unexplainable.

You have been taking care of everyone else so much that you are forgetting yourself.  Don’t be that person. Take yourself out.  I know you are being responsible with your budget but splurge a little.  Get to know you. Otherwise, you might be missing out on spending time with a pretty incredible person.

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  1. I was not expecting that plot twist lol. But you do have a point. Sometimes we have to take time out to pamper and get to know ourselves since we are constantly evolving.

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