What if?

What if you woke up this morning, being EXACTLY who you want to be in 10 years?

What does that person look like?

Almost everyone says richer, healthier…


But look at that person closely. Really, really, closely.

What are they wearing? Be specific. From the cufflinks and necklaces to the type of cologne (or perfume).

When they wake up, what are they opening their eyes up too? Are they in a bed? What type of sheets would this future you be sleeping in?

When your future-self goes into their refrigerator, what food is in there? What meals are they preparing? Is someone preparing the food for them, or are they getting busy with the culinary skills themselves?

Are they eating alone, or is there a huge family around them?

What are they doing today?

Are they rushing to a meeting, or chilling on vacation? Do they work for themselves? Preparing for a talk show appearance?

What are they driving?

If you woke up this morning, ten years in the future, being exactly who you wanted to be…

Who is that person?

Now, I’m pretty sure you have done similar mental exercises. But I’m going to add another element to our imaginary future. Something that we don’t really add when having this discussion…

How did they get there?

How did this person you envision yourself being become who they are? Work backward. What decisions did this incredible future you make to be where they were?

Think about it.

Because at some point, your future-self didn’t have the life you dream about. At one point, your future-self took risks. At one point, your future-self experienced hurt, long nights, heartbreak, and tough calls.

At one point…

Your future-self was you.

Is you.

So what now? Well, you are here, reading this blog, trying to figure out your next move.

But if you’ve been thorough in doing all these crazy mental exercises with me, then you already know your next move. You know what ending you want. You just visualized it! Now all that is left are all the moves in between; long nights, heartbreaks, and tough calls.

You know your next move.

Go make it.

Your future-self is waiting for you…..


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